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About Us - Jacob J. Sanford
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Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Design: CSS, Themes, and Master Pages Professional SharePoint 2007 Design Professional Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Reporting with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Professional SharePoint 2010 Branding and User Interface Design

Tactical SharePoint was started in 2013 by Jacob J. Sanford. Having worked for years as a consultant for different firms large and small, he decided the time was finally right to venture out on his own. Working with clients ranging from multi-billion dollar law firms down to the mom & pop outfit, he had a keen understanding of what it takes to make clients happy and get things done.

Jacob graduated from the Florida State University in 1997 with degrees in both Accounting and Finance. This gives him the unique ability to have a deep understanding of data relationships and integrity. This translates to reliable and accurate data reporting backend analysis and design. He has instituted this knowledge in relational databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle.

He started getting into web application development in the late 90s and has worked with everything from VB.NET/C# to php to ColdFusion. If there is a web programming language, he has probably at least dabbled in it. This means that, on any project, he is comfortable diving into the application code; not just the user interface or reporting tools. This also segued into SharePoint, where customization is typically done in C#. Custom Web Parts or utilization of out-of-the-box Web Parts is where he cut his teeth (and he’s still pretty darn good at it).

He has put on presentations on HTML5 and CSS3 and has fostered an in depth knowledge of accessibility and usability principles. This is his passion. He loves spending time in Photoshop creating design mockups and then creating web design assets and generating the associated HTML/CSS/JavaScript files for those projects. Any day spent in Photoshop beats any day spent in Visual Studio (which beats any day spent in MS WORD). He loves taking a concept and making it come to life, visually inspiring the stakeholders while maintaining the usability and accessibility required in today’s web projects.

Finally, having written several books on web technologies, he can write easily understood documents and training material to go along with any project.

In short, Tactical SharePoint can do it all. From backend, to middle tier application code, to report integration, to the front-end design and implementation, Tactical SharePoint is here for you.

But, ya know, we really want to make your site look awesome. And not like SharePoint. And in that regard, you will be hard pressed to find anyone better.